Weeks 8 & 9 – Master Key Experience

These weeks I decided to combine weeks 8 & 9 (Where is this time going?) because I folded like a cheap chair gave into my old blueprint. I told myself Thanksgiving is coming I am going to eat then so I may as well eat now. No exercise, Still no poster board, no audio and no polos. I manage to get a few reads in however it was very inconsistent and lacked the enthusiasm required to make magic happen. Last Wednesday I felt so disconnected to this experience I did not join my tribe call and I love those calls. I knew if I went I would be asked to speak about my week and I felt ashamed. Ashamed that I failed to put the work in and on the up end of the yo-yo.

Thanksgiving was very quiet, I did not have the house full of family that I am used to (20+ people). This year it was just the four of us my mom, my baby (she is 15), my sister Carol and myself. I cooked most of the food however my daughter made seafood Mac and Cheese and brownies. The Mac & Cheese Recipe was really good and she is going take my sister’s Mac & Cheese crown next year if she continues. I feel blessed to have a daughter like Justine, she is so kind, makes me proud and was extremely helpful with washing the dishes this year. I am also so thankful for that my mom is still alive and thriving and that sister was able to see another year considering she had some health issues that landed her in the hospital this past April.

Left overs lasting exactly 3 days and I kept that promise to eat it all. 12/1/2020 Weighed in 251lbs. New week, new Month, I will persist!


  1. You made me chuckle out loud (folded like a cheap chair). Sending prayers of gratitude to you for your mom and sister.

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