About & The Vision

About Andrea

Hello my name is Andrea. I hold the titles of Project Management Professional (PMP), Web Designer, Speaker, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Cousin, Friend and I have struggled with weight for over 30 years. I am Guyanese descent, from NYC and currently Reside in ATL. I am a type 2 diabetic that loves sweets in all forms, comfort and fast foods. I sit at my desk, work on the computer 12 of my 24 hours daily and have about 100 unwanted pounds today. With my project management skills, I decided to release weight and reverse my diabetes once and for all by creating a formal health project using basic project management principles.

If we can have successful projects in business, why can’t we use the project management and to release unwanted pounds? Most, if not all diet and exercise programs work if we work them however after being on several diets over the years with little success, I realized the major missing piece of this puzzle is having mind control. Hence the reason I am also part of the Master Keys Experience.

I also believe with a focus on keeping positive mental attitude coupled with formal health project my transformation should be easier and even better permanent. I SHOULD be able to reach my weight release goals and reverse diabetes, right? We shall see. nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Andrea Facing her Challenges

The Vision

The vision for Project True Health is to create formal health project, document start weight and measurement, start a physical and mental diet, exercise, vlog & blog the journey and share the results.

This Protect True Health site will also have the tools and resources used, as well as links to the Project True Health Facebook community for us to build, inspire, motivate each other across the weight release finish line and stroll easily down the weight maintenance road.