Weeks 15 – Master Key Experience – “Rudy”

Life is simply amazing. Prior to the Master Key Experience weekly assignment to watch an inspirational movie, I scheduled my DVR to record Rudy, only to find that Rudy was one of the movies on the watchlist wow. Nothing happens by chance. I saw the Master Key Experience all throughout the movie. Rudy’s definite major purpose was to be a student at Notre Dame and play football. He did not have the grades much less the money to pay for the school.  Furthermore, he was small in stature and wasn’t built like your typical football player. Rudy definitely had a burning desire to achieve his dream and was extremely persistent. 

Family and some of those closest to him could not see Rudy attending Notre Dame. What I find to be most important is that he saw himself daily as a student and football player at Notre Dame. He knew everything about the school and the football program. He had a very close friend whom he talked about his dream very often. I would say that was his way of masterminding. This friend started to believe in his dream as well. He even gifted him a Notre Dame jacket. Rudy wore that jacket daily and continued to see himself at that school. Despite the fact that no one in his family ever attended college.

After the death of his only supportive friend, Rudy goes to Notre Dame to follow his dreams then learns he is unable to enroll because of his grades. Still believing, still persistent he runs into a priest who helps him with his tuition to a junior college nearby. Keep in mind, Rudy is still homeless and jobless at this time yet he still persists. Oh I forgot to mention that the reason for his poor grades in high school is that he had undetected Dyslexia. 

With additional persistence and daily visualization Rudy overcomes the homeless situation, the job situation, the grade situation and after years of hard work and faith beyond belief he finally graduates from the Junior College transfers into Notre Dame. 

Rudy’s passion, persistence and determination landed him a spot on the team. Since Rudy was small in stature he played only during practice and was always benched. He played hard, he played so hard it hurt watching him in the movie. For the most part, he had a positive attitude and always did his best. Some of his teammates disliked him for being too passionate.  He made some of the passionless starters look bad in front of the coaches. That did not stop Rudy. Rudy became the poster boy and I believe the definition of persistence. Despite Rudy’s hard work he remained on the bench for almost all his time on the football team. What I loved about Rudy, was the fact that he still had a sense of expectancy to play during the real game when things looked grim. 

At his very last game and final opportunity, he invited his friend and family to see him play in a real game. He still had an unwavering belief they would see him on the field. Once the Notre Dame starters secured the game, a player chanted Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Then the crowd followed and chanted Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy. Finally the coach allowed him to get on the field and play during the final minutes of the game. It was so touching to see his team carry him off the field after their victory. (I actually shed a tear). Against all the odds, he did it. 

“For now I know one of the greatest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win.” Og Mandino 

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