Weeks 12 – Master Key Experience

The unifying message from the MKE leadership to restart now in week 11’s closing comments got me excited again. After Sunday’s call I felt different. I knew it was time for me to reassess what needs to be done and make a decision to do it NOW. 

I want Liberty. I want True Health. I have 168 Hours to make it happen and time is ticking. Now that I have pushed the reset button I have to  execute my plan.

Monday morning I woke up at 3:46AM and decided to change into my workout clothes and get an early start to my day. I had not felt this energized since I started the MKE back in September. Today I started my 20 minute workout on the treadmill, I felt energized and did another 8 minutes. After my shower I did my morning read and sit with the Law of Practice on my mind. 

Why the Law of Practice? The reward Mark promised those who stayed consistent, A New Good Habit. I am truly happy for my fellow MKE members who stayed diligent to the task at hand and are currently weeping the payoff. It is so encouraging for me to see others live their best life because it confirms that it is possible for me. 

So back to the original question, why the Law of Practice? Because the Law is the 5`Ps Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance and the action necessary to bring change. When I think about my desire for True Health and the person I aspire to be, if I decide to have a perfect practice daily in time my performance would eventually be just as perfect. It’s insanity to have perfect practice for a week or two then expect True Health with fuzzy thoughts, unhealthy eating and no exercise. You will experience weight release as you have a perfect practice with persistence. Now I have to truly DECIDE, Nike it and make it new way of life. 


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