Week 5 – Master Key Experience

I feel truly blessed to have the Master Key Experience. It is truly Nothing Like it! Mark’s tips to grow on Twitter was helpful and I plan to apply that digital solution lesson to build my twitter following. I did my best to get caught up however I wasn’t able to complete the press release on time. I got it started by repeating “Do It Now” 25X however I was exhausted and couldn’t think straight. I felt a little bummed about not sending it in Thursday since I promised to submit everything on time the week prior (I will persist and I will get better). I had a few wins this week. I submitted my updated DMP early, added the about page and got this blog post on time, since its not 12AM Hawaii time yet. I also engaged in Marco Polo some more this week (I got complimented by my guide Pam and the Fabulous Davene for being beautiful that made me feel beautiful (xoxo Thanks)) and I have been able to extend my fasting window without feeling sick and shaky. 

Being able to extend that fasting window is a huge step to obtaining True Health since it is going to allow me to release the weight and on weekends allow me to eat all the foods I love. With this approach I get to delay and not deny the foods I like. I am still tweaking my plan so I will have daily progress. My daily Master Key reads have been working like a charm “I can be what I will to be”. I am making better choices because all I think about is True Health and Liberty. We do become what we think about…so blessed and thankful. 

As we close Scroll 1, I have been thinking about that trigger sentence to put on the first page of Scroll 2. There are so many good ones however the one that jumps out at me is “ Good Habits are the Key to all Success”. Building that habit of controlling my mind will allow me to tap into that 90% of my mental power within my subconscious mind. What is even more exciting is point 2 part five when I read “ The subconscious mind can and will solve any problem if we know how to direct it” WOW! True health and Liberty is mine!


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