Week 4 – Master Key Experience

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Week 4 has been like a roller coaster for me.  As I work to develop new habits, the old me keeps trying to resurface in little ways. A piece of bread here, a bowl of cereal there, Mickey D’s on Friday, Bake chicken, Mac and cheese, stuffing and greens Saturday night with Pepsi and a double chocolate chip cookie. 2x reads opposed to 3 that day. Late submission of DMP and this late blog entry just pure failure behavior. 

 Three things happened this week that lead me to believe that the subscious mind is actively working despite my down moments.

One – The blueprint “ FIRST-  I know I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in Life, therefore I Demand of myself persistent, continuous action towards its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.” because of this belief I keep on. 

Two – I also remember one of the guides Michael Puffa saying during our last call that tomorrow’s a new day. 

Three – My DMP revision, my guide Pam Schwarzy told me to find another way to express losing weight so as not to “finding” it again? Rephrase your health goal so that my subconscious mind doesn’t continue to manifest the health concern. BRILLANT! In changing those words from lose weight to release weight and putting that I have enjoyed all food,  I have peace with food and putting that there are no good and bad foods actually created a mental shift. 

After reading the revised DMP, I actually felt at peace with my Mickey D’s friday and my mini pre thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. I wanted it, I ate it and it was all good! Prior to that revision I would be tormented and feel very disappointed in myself. This is awesome! While the foods I ate were not good choices, I actually felt that I was going to be OK and I still have confidence that I will reach my weight release goal and obtain true health before May 1st, 2021.   

I recently heard an interview with Actress Gabrielle Union and she stated how she always arrives really early and how she hates lateness because it shows lack of respect for other people’s time. (So True) I thought of my late submission of my DMP (Sorry Pam)  and even this late submission of the week four blog. Disrespectful is the last thing I wish to be and so from this point I promise to make a conscious effort to submit assignments on time if not early. This entire process is too important to mess up. Thankfully we follow the Law of Forgiveness! 

This week we also had to decide to Pay it Forward for others for the Master Key Experience or vote to sell the course. The paying it forward idea is an awesome concept because this is the greatest gift you can give someone so I voted to pay it forward. Despite the fact I voted this way my current reality and old blueprint screamed you can’t afford this! Here is another major thing that happened….”I can do what I will to do” and Philippians 4:13 popped in my head. So my Pay It Forward, True Health and Liberty is done! 


  1. Great insights. Yes, how we perceive and feel about what we eat can be every bit as powerful as what we eat… I also wonder if you are fat adapting? You deserve feast days to enjoy some delicious carbs too! If you’ve not heard of that part of the practice, you might really enjoy learning about it… The subconscious is so tricky at bringing up the old blueprint. You’re doing a great job countering it with the blueprint builder. Way to stay plugged in and keep on moving forward with even more self-love!!

    • You taught me something new when you wondered if I was fat adapting, I had to look that up. LOL. Based on the definition I most certainly hope so. I don’t know if my body was craving the carbs or my mind was telling me to get it, I just know that I needed to make peace within (That’s the White color code in me :-). So many layers. I am so thankful for you and this experience!

  2. Great choice to pay it forward, Andrea! So much lies ahead, your body, mind, and soul; i.e., the future you, is destined to reap huge rewards! 🙂

  3. You are amazing! You never need to apologize to me. I am merely here to guide and support you. So, the question is: Who should you apologize to . . . ? Love and Blessings.

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