Week 2 – Master Key Experience

I came into Week 2 of the Master keys experience feeling very overwhelmed, my planning time took a life of its own and my schedule was nonexistent. As a result I truly struggled with week 2. My morning routine was all over the place, I found myself waking up 4AM to do my MKE assignments and exercise without the alarm and that is good however by 8AM I would feel very tired.  “Do it Now” saved me a few times but I still felt so tired. Occasionally I would take a nap when I couldn’t get into a state of flow. After, I would feel refreshed and start again however I would end up going to bed late once again (11:30 12ish). I also missed a night reading my scroll 1. To make matters worse I still feel unproductive.   

After Thursday’s meeting with one of my clients, Friday’s focus was to do an update he would be happy with after learning what he really wanted (That’s  another story, Lord help me).  When I tried to implement the request, something that was normally so simple to do, did not work and kept giving faulty data. I kept trying to fix and time was just moving what seemed faster than normal. After several hours and feeling very frustrated, I just had to step away from it all. 

Oh no, I did not do Marco Polo with my tribe!  When I look at the cell to see 30+ outstanding polo’s . Time, where is it going? No stress – not mandatory I thought. Blog Week 2 …Time, where is it going (not done). It’s Saturday 7pm and I still did not complete my chore (Steam my mother’s bedroom..it happens to be the largest bedroom) Why did I pick such a big chore I thought..DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW…Done! I felt really good keeping my promise after months of saying I would. So thankful.

The scale showed great numbers (a 10lbs loss) on Thursday and so I convinced myself it was OK to eat a biscuit (one) with cheese and a large cup of hot chocolate as a celebration for me keeping my promises and stream cleaning the carpet in my mother’s room. So Sunday after the call I ate 2 biscuits (two) and a large mug of hot chocolate and it felt like bliss. I know this will probably take me out of Ketosis, however I plan to pick up where I left off and Keep the focus on my big goal “ True Health”. Week three will be better after all I just need to plan, Right?


  1. Keep you eye on the prize of all those desires and you will find the peace you seek. Kudos to you for celebrating the small victories and for maintaining integrity. You’ve got this!

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