Week 1 – Master Key Experience

I will begin by saying that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance. Thankful would describe the way I feel to be a part of this experience. I got confirmation this week that the MKE is exactly what I need to be a part of the top 5% in this world. . Sunday after the call I wrote my DMP, I found it to be easy since over the last 3 years I have been impregnated with many ideas. Like the 95% of the people in this world I have lived a mediocre life, attempting to change effects with effects. It totally explains why I kept telling myself I want cake and ate it. I WAS NOT HUNGRY!  It was then I knew it was all mental and my mind was working against me in the areas of Health and Wealth, yes my money is really funny now. 


 Monday, I read this week’s material as prescribed and the words “Today I begin a new life” immediately spoke to my soul. This 1st scroll emphasized being new and being a slave to a good habit. This gave me hope during a time that I, like many, felt hopeless. As I continued to read the material on Tuesday – Thursday, I actually felt the vigor increase!  It got so bad as the week progressed I got on average 3-4 hours sleep a night  all this week. I laid in bed and still couldn’t sleep;  my mind raced about everything. I got headaches due to the lack of sleep, topped with the “keto Flu” since I began my health Journey to lose 100lbs. I remained steadfast with reading, exercising, my Keto diet with intermittent fasting and I am down 4lbs. It was a good week of focus and this time I know I am going to make it. It is a little after midnight here in Atlanta, GA and my body feels ready to crash; However I still need to read. Overall it was a great week. THANK YOU!


  1. What a great start! Congrats on those 4 pounds. I know you will stay the course and keep choosing your greatest health. I will enjoy hearing about your progress.

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